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Industrial Smoke


Carbon sequestration in geological formations is one of the key technologies to achieve the Net Zero Emissions goal.

In the geological storage of CO2, geomechanical aspects are highly involved. Coupled processes occur during the entire life cycle of the application and dominate the underground response.  

We offer our expertise to support the analysis of the geomechanical aspects related to CO2 geological storage: 

  • Multi-criteria analysis on the technical and financial feasibility of geological CCS and international benchmarking

  • Evaluation of the geological containment system: seal formation impermeability, fractures, trapping mechanisms 

  • Capacity and injectivity assessment of the storage reservoir

  • Geomechanical characterization (laboratory testing and data integration)

  • Definition of concepts for the site selection process

  • Modeling of injection scenarios

  • Short and long-term safety assessment

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Project development

We provide our support throughout the design, the implementation and the monitoring of the application


Feasibility study

Support to the feasibility study


Design of the application

Modeling of injection scenario and safety assessment


Site selection

Support to the basins database evaluation and data gap identification


Monitoring of the application

Post-injection monitoring anaylsis


Site characterization

Geomechanical characterization, data analysis and parameters derivation


Intensive course

Dedicated intensive course on CO2 sequestration


Your contact person

Dr. Jose Bosch Llufriu

Numerical modeling section

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