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Complex geomechanical problems require dedicated experimental assessments.

As experts in dealing with conventional and unconventional porous materials, we perform multi-physical laboratory experimental characterization of geomaterials, including:

  • NEW! Heat transfer characterization, as a function of the moisture content (thermal conductivity, diffusivity, and heat capacity), laboratory and field tests

  • Geotechnical properties (bulk density, porosity, water content, native activity)

  • Soil water retention curve (WRC)

  • Hydraulic conductivity of saturated and unsaturated geomaterials

  • Hydro-mechanical characterization

In addition to the experimental determination, we offer our knowhow to provide:

  • Design of experimental programs accounting for multi-physical phenomena

  • Independent assessment of experimental results

  • Specialized testing protocols definition

  • Support in the design of specialized laboratory pieces of equipment

  • Support to external laboratories, coordination of the experimental activities, results diagnostic and data analysis

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Your contact person

Dr. Eleonora Crisci

Geomechanical engineering section

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