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Our expertise in the field of numerical analysis of coupled processes comes from decades of cutting edge research in the field of geomechanics, porous media, and material science.

We offer our customers highly qualified services in the development and validation of Finite Element (FEM) approaches to solve a wide variety of engineering problems:

  • Multi-physical problems (HM, THM, THM+)

  • Geomechanical and Geotechnical analysis

  • Soil-Structure-Interaction (SSI)

  • Dynamic mechanical analyses

  • Earthquake analyses

The numerical approaches are adapted case by case and could involve:

  • Fully coupled multi-physical approaches

  • Non-linear material models

  • User-defined material laws

  • Nonlinear dynamic techniques

  • Modal analysis

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Your contact person

Dr. Jose Bosch Llufriu

Numerical modeling section

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