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We offer comprehensive services for the analysis, design, and performance assessment of the geological storage of radioactive waste.


We offer our customers highly qualified services using cutting edge Finite Element (FEM) approaches to support the geological repository design and performance assessment:

  • Long-term safety assessment

  • Advanced constitutive modelling (anisotropic elasto-plasticity, damage; viscosity; multi-physical couplings)

  • Gas migration and multiphase flow

  • 3D analysis of the repository scale

  • Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical couplings for underground applications

  • Dedicated tools for analysis and modelling of host formations

  • Modelling of buffer materials and engineered barriers


Our know-how in experimental testing of conventional and unconventional porous materials is at your service for characterizing host formation and buffer materials:

  • Multi-physical experimental testing:

    • Thermal and hydraulic properties determination

    • Mechanical testing

    • Saturated and partially saturated conditions

  • Design of specialized laboratory pieces of equipment

  • Diagnostic analysis and data validation

  • Definition of specialized testing protocols for unconventional materials

  • Support to laboratories

  • Design of advanced multi-physical experimental programs for soil, rock, shale:

    • Thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling

    • Gas injection and breakthrough

    • Multiphase and partial saturation conditions

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Your contact person

Dr. Eleonora Crisci

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